Hey, I am a 14 year old who lives in UK. I am writing a blog about economic related issues. I am writing because I am passionate about the global economy and important economic issues (e.g. population) and would like to share some of my thoughts and views. I find that most articles on interesting economic related issues are written in rather complex language, and I’ve decided to write my articles in a rather simple language, for all to understand, especially younger folks (students). Hope you like what I’ve written.

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5 Responses to About

  1. Heerak Nagda says:

    Keep up the good work!!


  2. Jiten Nagda says:

    Great Work kiddo! I am sure you will become a good economist or a business man one day!

  3. vinod says:

    Hmm now that’s something. Good work… All the best and keep it going.

  4. wisdompartner says:

    14 years old and you sound more mature than some adults I know! Kudos to you for writing your blog. I’d like to see you in a couple of years. I’m sure your passion will bring you personal fulfillment and service to others. Best wishes.

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